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The Ugly Butterfly 
Story by Jessica Rosa Espinoza
Illustrations by Carol Lynn Mitchell 

A storm scours a teeny tiny egg from its resting spot and carries it tumbling across the countryside. Dropped into a milkweed patch at the edge of the woods, the little caterpillar that emerges goes through metamorphosis amidst beautiful Monarch butterflies. It doesn’t take long to realize there are some very big differences and an even bigger question...

Why don’t I fit in???

The only answer for this ugly butterfly is leaving the milkweed patch on a quest to find where it belongs. Thanks to the forest fireflies, this ugly misfit butterfly finds out how beautiful it is to be what its born to be…a moth! A whimsical look at similar life cycles, the challenges of being different and discovering the wonder of what makes you, YOU, this is a story parents and children alike love. Bringing to life key elementary science concepts, this charming story illuminates the beauty of how animals adapt and work together in the ecosystem.

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