Educational research is brimming with creative possibilities. Fundamentally, research requires design-thinking and engaging in a scientific process much like the creative process. I am completing the course work in a doctoral program in the area of Curriculum and Instruction. This immersion of scholarly pedagogy has resulted in an appetite for me to personally impact the field of arts integrative learning. Below I have listed my research interests and also past research projects that I facilitated in the area of arts integration.  

My Research Interests

  • Using the Arts to Formatively Assess Student Learning
  • Role Playing Strategies to Foster Reading Comprehension
  • The Social Emotional Learning Impact when Elevating the "A" in S.T.E.A.M
  • Using Art Modalities to Organize and Express Ideas in Student Writing
  • Effective Virtual Coaching Methods for Teachers Engaging in Arts Integration


STEAM  Integration

I was the project coach for the Arts in Education Model Development Dissemination (AEMDD) research grant. This was a 5-year federal grant serving Cherokee County and Clayton County schools. It included ongoing professional learning and the publication of piloted educational resources  in the area of arts integration and STEAM. These elementary resources were then disseminated to a school in Sarasota County.

Early Literacy K-2

I was the instructional coach/ arts integration specialist for this 2 year Governors Office of Student Achievement  (GOSA) grant by serving 4 Cobb County school district. Entitled KickStart, this grant was designed to provide robust professional learning for arts integration to develop early literacy skills.

Elementary Math & Innovation

I was the instructional coach/ arts integration specialist on the Governors Office of Student Achievement  (GOSA) Math Innovation 1-year, state grant serving 3 Clayton County schools, The focus was on using the various art modalities to facilitate math curriculum for grades 30 5 classrooms. 

For the AEMDD ArtsNOW Impact research grant, I led the ArtsNow Learning team and teachers at our three participating schools to develop and pilot STEAM Integration units for K-5 key ELA and science standards. 

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