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My Teaching Philosophy

We learn by doing. 

I believe education starts with developing a strong sense of community in the classroom. Cultivating a culture for student collaboration requires persistent formative assessment by both the teacher and the learner. My approach to teaching integrates the different art modalities: movement, visual art, drama, music, and media arts into instruction.


My mission, when facilitating learning with any age, is to encourage exploration, inquiry, and reflection. My teaching approach is rooted in promoting self-efficacy in my students that not only results in a higher functioning learning environment but also the mastery of skills. My efforts are focused on making my students want to learn and therefore inquiry and knowledge goes far beyond the classroom.  


Learning is centered around the skill of thinking. This begins with our earliest learners all the way to adults like you and me. I use the term "thinking" freely but what I am referring to is deep and critical thinking; the kind that demands problem solving skills and creativity. If education was centered around thinking and questioning the world around us, I believe our world would always be changing for the better "making tomorrow better than today" .  

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