My Teaching Philosophy

There is nothing that brings me more joy than seeing a light bulb go off in a student's mind and it illuminating an entire classroom!

I believe education starts with developing a strong sense of community in the classroom. Education demands persistent formative assessment and student-centered learning. My approach to teaching integrates the different art modalities: movement, visual art, drama, music, and media arts into instruction.


My mission is to to encourage exploration, inquiry, and reflection in every student and ultimately improve student achievement. My teaching approach is rooted in promoting self-empowerment and empathy in my students that not only results in a higher functioning school environment but also contributes to each student’s social emotional growth and development. My efforts are focused on making my students want to learn and therefore inquiry and knowledge goes far beyond the classroom.  


As a teacher I believe that every student has an opportunity to thrive no matter where they are in their skill level. My focus is on quality in the classroom and continual relentless support of all the children I serve. Regardless of circumstances, all the students I teach are marked with promise and the potential for great success.